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During Construction
Pamko Construction Company is your leading area provider of remodeling, additions, and new home construction. Our craftsmen pour their years of experience into your project to ensure your satisfaction. Burlington MA Area General Contractor.

  • Every remodeling job creates disorder, dust, and inconvenience!  We will be tearing your house apart and putting it back together... and there will be many different people working on your house. As you can imagine, this can create a bit of stress. We will always keep the area as neat and clean as possible while we are working as well as having the construction area professionally cleaned upon completion but don't be surprised to see some mayhem in the process.
  • Demolition happens quickly. Putting everything back together doesn't go so fast!  Once framing is complete, the plumbing, mechanical, and electrical work are underway.  It may appear that progress has slowed because the results are not as dramatic as in other phases.  However, a lot of detail work is done at this time.  There are also many required inspections during this period which contribute to the seemingly slow pace.
  • Once the walls go back up, it becomes easier to envision the new space and what it will look like.
  • The final phase is the finish work.  The finish work can seem to take a long time because it requires a fair amount of time an effort from a lot of people, finally transforming your ideas and plans into reality!

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling. Renovatons. Masonry. Deck Builders. Basement Refinishing Service. Home Additions. 
Burlington Massachusetts, Woburn MA, Winchester MA, Reading MA. 01801. 01802. 01803.

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    Pamko Construction / Kadilak Development

    Burlington, MA 01803

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